Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Arts Reflection

Last term we focused on the arts. We learned about the elements of drama and dance.  Noah and I  made a play about best mates AKA best friends, because we wanted to show how much friends mean to this school, also how much you can rely on and trust them.

Noah and I chose what we were going to do for our play.  We chose best friends because me and Noah are best friends. We added props such as a scooter park because we both like the scooter parks. We also used our scooters  and Noah brought in a ripstick .  We wrote a script first so we could remember what to say.  

I put my learning in between multistructural and relational because I can create a work of drama that captures the heart of Waimairi using what I learnt this term.  My next step would be  to move to extended abstract because I don't feel that I could lend a helping hand to help/teach people our play.

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