Sunday, 17 September 2017

Why birds fly

Have you ever wanted to fly but you can't?  Birds can - here's why.

Lift is a force that works against weight and makes objects lift off the ground.  Drag is something that will slow birds down and help them land safely.  Thrust makes birds go forward.

Lift and trust work together to make birds lift off the ground.
Thrust works against drag.  Birds take off because lift and thrust are stronger than gravity when they work together.  If there was only thrust the bird would just go forward.  If there was only lift and thrust  birds wouldn't be able to land. Drag and weight help birds to slow down and land.

Now you can understand why humans can't lift off the ground. If we were ever to lift off the ground we would need to be much light, and more muscular to overcome the gravitational pull of the Earth.  

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