Monday, 10 October 2016

Discovery time reflection

The activities I enjoyed the most was box creation because Josh and I did it together.  It took us a long time but it was worth it.  The challenges we had with the house was time, we rushed so some of the house did not look good.  We overcame this challenge by not worrying about time so now our house is looking good.  At Discovery I learnt how to saw fast and I learnt that you don't have to be strong.

We included Talan and Cooper and it got done quicker.  Josh, Cooper, Talan and I planned ahead when there was no boxes by planning who brings the box.  We had to take turns with scissors, paper, cards and lots more stuff. We had to be patient to get a good result because it took quite a long time.  We had to make decisions to change the house.  We were being responsible with the scissors. We took time to know who was bringing what.  We all helped each other, Josh helped me build something, I helped him by making some stuff.  I became better at sawing because Mrs jones helped me.  

Overall I think that discovery time is great.  In term four I am looking forward to running an activity.

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