Monday, 25 July 2016

Stereotyping Explantation

Stereotyping is something that people say that is not true it is mean and can hurt them.  Sometimes it can be racist and sexist. Never judge a book by it's cover because you never know what kind of person they are.

Here are some examples of stereotyping: 
Boys like blue.  I disagree because boys can choose if they like blue or not.

Girls like pink. I disagree because girls can choose if they like pink or not and some girls don't like pink.

Boys are rough and rude. I disagree because even though some can be rude and rough at times I know they can be nice and kind too.  

Indians work at KFC. I disagree because I have seen people from different cultures work at KFC. People can choose what they can do for their future job.

Boys play rugby and girls play netball.  I disagree because I have girls in my class who play rugby and also I know boys that play netball.

Overall I think that stereotyping is mean, unfair and not true.  It can hurt people forever.   


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  2. Wow Chloe these are great examples of stereotyping love very piece of writing keep up your awesome work!!!­čśť