Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Arts Reflection

Last term we focused on the arts. We learned about the elements of drama and dance.  Noah and I  made a play about best mates AKA best friends, because we wanted to show how much friends mean to this school, also how much you can rely on and trust them.

Noah and I chose what we were going to do for our play.  We chose best friends because me and Noah are best friends. We added props such as a scooter park because we both like the scooter parks. We also used our scooters  and Noah brought in a ripstick .  We wrote a script first so we could remember what to say.  

I put my learning in between multistructural and relational because I can create a work of drama that captures the heart of Waimairi using what I learnt this term.  My next step would be  to move to extended abstract because I don't feel that I could lend a helping hand to help/teach people our play.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Discovery reflection

This term I have discovered that teamwork matters a lot more than I thought.  I have learned that I am good at trying new things and organising equipment needed for woodwork. I have also discovered I am good at hammering nails and sawing wood.  While I've been doing this I’ve learned I am good at  working with other people and I also try my best.

I have been challenged to saw wood because sometimes it goes wiggy so it's hard to saw.  I have overcome this by asking people for help and I have learned that it's better to ask for help.

In term four I look forward to making a birdhouse out of wood with Larson, Jordan. I am also keen to try new things, make bigger and better things and create quality work like the skate board we made.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Why birds fly

Have you ever wanted to fly but you can't?  Birds can - here's why.

Lift is a force that works against weight and makes objects lift off the ground.  Drag is something that will slow birds down and help them land safely.  Thrust makes birds go forward.

Lift and trust work together to make birds lift off the ground.
Thrust works against drag.  Birds take off because lift and thrust are stronger than gravity when they work together.  If there was only thrust the bird would just go forward.  If there was only lift and thrust  birds wouldn't be able to land. Drag and weight help birds to slow down and land.

Now you can understand why humans can't lift off the ground. If we were ever to lift off the ground we would need to be much light, and more muscular to overcome the gravitational pull of the Earth.  

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

My Crazy Memories

Hi. Today I'm gonna tell you about my childhood memories. My mum calls me an elephant because I can remember all of them.  Some are painful and  horrible but they always have a happy ending.  Listen on and I'll show you what I mean.
My first Broken bone
Here we are, me and my mischief making big brother Eli, crawling through the tunnels in the playgrounds trying to get to the slide in the park.  I slipped because there was soap on one of the tunnels from my annoying brother.  I fell on my thumb and it was very sore.  I told my mum and she said it didn't look that bad so we walked around the shopping mall.  Then it swelled to twice the SIZE of my other thumb. My mum SCREAMED “We need to take you to hospital!”

We drove to the hospital. I was a little nervous but also curious about what would happen.  We talked to the receptionist and she told us to wait which felt like 20 years.  Once we get called we went to the x-ray machine. My mum needed  to stay out  because she was pregnant with Jade but my dad and my brother  got to see the X-ray. We get told to wait and it took 6 hours which seemed like 200 YEARS!!! Finally they came and said it was broken. They wrapped it in this bandage  then they put it in plaster, it felt like it was BURNING my arm OFF.

It was so hard to sleep because I wasn't really allowed to move my arm.  When they took it off it was very refreshing but it smelled so horrible.  Phew some memories I would rather forget. However other memories I want to treasure forever.   Like…….
Our camping trip to Kaikoura... 

 As soon as we get told we're going to Kaikoura I rolled my eyes - great! (NOT) Another boring 3 hour drive all squashed up in the back seat.  I was a little excited though because my parents bought me a snorkel so we could go swimming.

For the road trip, I made sure I took my phone to keep me busy so it was not so boring. I was really squashed up  against my brother’s legs. I mumbled to myself “We need a bigger car.”

Once we were outside our uncle's house we all felt happier.  We played hide and seek and tag, we also made huts in the tall grass over the fence.  When we heard dad yell “Time for tea” we sprinted to the house because we were starving. Once our tummies were full it was time to hit the hay. We fell  asleep as soon as we went into our tent.  When we woke up we were freezing cold and we could hear cows mooing outside. My whole family started laughing so hard. It was hilarious!

My first fish 
How about this memory …. I feel proud of myself when I think about this.  When I was about 4 or 5 I always watched my brother and dad go fishing, but I could never do it because I was too little and I was also scared of falling in.   When I’d grown up a bit, I was probably 6 or 7, I got my fishing rod. I would prove them I was now brave enough to catch a fish. 

 All of a sudden I felt  my line go down, there was a massive tug,I knew what was happening from watching my family. I pulled up the fish with strength and determination.  It was very small but I was still happy.  I took a photo so I could capture this moment forever.  However when Jade came along she took it, claiming it was hers - it was a WAR!!

Have you got a memory like an elephant? What memories will you always remember?  I'm off to make more... bye. 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The day I saved a birds life

I was splashing in the the pool with my sister when I heard  a faint, scared chirp for help. It was a bird with a broken wing, so I jumped up in excitement. 
I grabbed it to make sure it was ok. It was camouflaged to hide from its prey.  I sprinted like a flash of lighting inside, and put it down carefully because I didn't want it to get hurt, I love birds. 
I was wondering if it was going to be okay.  All I could think was how it had broken its wing.

Monday, 6 March 2017


It was a quiet breezy morning with the trees dancing from left to right then something hit me. I stared in horror out of my window, a monster was stomping on the trees.  Was it an alien? Was it a crocodile? No, it was a big dinosaur lumbering towards me.  I sprinted outside to grab my rope and saddle.  I hooked my rope on the dinosaur's neck and climbed up.  I put the saddle on the dinosaur and off we went.  Why have we stopped? I looked down and smelled something disgusting, I realise the dinosaur had pooed. I jump off and realised I was in the middle of the forest - nooo!!!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016



He has browny blonde hair.  He wears baggy long tops and baggy pants that are soft like silk. His tops are red and blue with a chrome black.

He has a habit of riding his skateboard in class. He and his friend love to hang out at the skatepark. He can fly and camouflage.  His friend is Tinks who is a fairy. 

Lewis is also angry and he always groans.  When he shapeshifts into a dragon he groans 10 times louder.  When Lewis is actually happy he makes happy puppy noises.

He only hangs out with Tinks who is a hunter and he is tiny, so he is really good at hiding.